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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Digital Photographer UK - "Imran Dahrir" is Top Rated Gallery

Salam & Hi Everybody there...

This is never come across in to my mind,
..."being published and rated from other overseas photographer friends...

Thanks a lot to Digital Photographer UK for the humble rating, friends & family plus anyone out there who is support & follow my work.

This is just a little piece of step for me to move forward, and i believe. God's will... i can go further more. Never write in my "dream memoir" to be a Photographer at this age. But, this what i called fate.

Alhamdulilah (thanks god) within the learning process of life. Deep inside my little heart calling, my desire to create an artwork taking place... is like seduction to my soul to produce more MASTERPIECE. Kind of addicting !

A bouquet of love, a huge tightly hugs and lots of kisses goes to my dearly wife "Anna" for supporting me all along this while. Thank you for believing in me. Your presence make me feel complete.

Dear photographers, newbies, hobbyist or anyone...
if you are looking for platform to publish your artwork Internationally... please log on to

i welcome you!

Every single photo artwork is my personal DESIRE, PASSION, APPRECIATION and THANKFUL to every single individual (who hired us) you for BELIEVING and TRUSTING CIPTA KARYA STUDIO on creating the MASTERPIECE of YOUR MOMENT.

Best Regards,
Imran Dahrir
Founder of Cipta Karya Studio (M)

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